High-quality training is tailored according to client’s needs from following topics:

Work ability

  • Work ability assessment
  • Work ability and ageing
  • Promotion of work ability
  • Work ability house and utilizing it as a model of work ability promotion in organizations
    • Holistic and systematic model, including health, competence, attitudes & motivation, work & leadership, and balance between home, work and close community
  • Work ability house as a strategic model for productivity

Work well-being

  • Measuring work well-being with Work well-being index
  • Analysis based on age and personnel groups
  • Promotion of work well-being

Age- and generation-management

  • What managers need to know about ageing: Evidence based knowledge of essential subjects surrounding ageing in work-life
  • Best practices for managing different generations in Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Austria

Prolonging work careers

  • Significant issues: If I can, will and may work longer?
  • Viewpoints and experiences of raising retirement age from various countries
  • Age-politics

Training in practice

  • According to client’s needs and choices:
    • Impulse lecture (1–1.5 hours)
    • Half-day lectures ( 2 x 1.5 hours )
    • Course, including workshops and group works (1–3 days)

Training for new instruments (new!)

Two new instruments for organizations were developed in Finnish Technology Industries’ Good work – longer career -project (2010–2013). With Personal Radar, the state of work well-being in the organization is surveyed within the framework of Work Ability House after which interventions and measures are prioritized with Company Radar.

  • Orientation to new instruments: Personal Radar and Company Radar
  • Training for Radar user-license (one day training)