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The ageing of the population is a great challenge not only for society and work organizations, but also for us all as individuals and citizens. A large proportion of the baby boom generation will have retired in many countries by no later than 2013, and, at the same time, demands to lengthen work careers by 1–3 years are becoming stronger and stronger. What should be done? How should older and experienced workers and employees be motivated to continue to work after the age of 63? What factors could motivate work organizations to keep experienced and competent older workers when economic fluctuations create opposite needs for work organizations?

Using actual knowledge and long experience in age management, Juhani Ilmarinen Consulting Ltd (JIC Ltd) can handle these questions together with experts from your organization. It is time to act now! Contact JIC Ltd and ensure that your work organization will be successful also in the future – independent of age structures!

We at JIC Ltd train, instruct, and coach managers, supervisors, and employees in aspects of age management, work ability, and life course We are available to consult work organizations as regards themes concerning ageing, generations, work ability, and work well-being. We provide our expertise in planning, conducting, and reporting  research and developmental projects in work ability and work well-being.